About us

Your smile is a worth a million bucks. Make it look like it. 

Welcome to the easiest place on the web to get your own custom grillz made!

Started in 2015, Greg Grillz has been making sure all the young Hollywood crowd is getting fitted with the best grillz in the world.

Choose from our selection of precious metals to craft the grillz that fit your style, budget, and flavor. We have a wide variety of different styles at different price points. Feel like going for a classic look? Go with yellow gold. Or switch it up with our rose gold and white selections.

Grillz have long been a favorite accessory of the hip-hop elite, as a way to display their wealth and put their money where their mouth is.

We took the “elite” out of the process, but left the glamor...

What used to be a process that involved thousands of dollars and a lot of trial and error, is now a simple, three step system that you can enjoy without ever leaving your home.

It’s time to get started.