Our Grillz Session with Post Malone

Back in 2016, we had the golden opportunity to create a pair of custom Grillz for the incredible Post Malone. We knew he wanted a unique pair of Grillz, but the time had come to meet face to face to get the mold done and nail down the finer details as far as the specifics were concerned. Post Malone is no stranger to getting some custom made Grillz, so he knew just what he is in store for. We made our way over, and to no one’s surprise, we found him absolutely chillin. In fact, he was chillin so hard he was literally kickin it in his underwear. We got down to business and popped in our mold kit while he was enjoying a lovely episode of Game of Thrones.




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Grillz are 🔑to @postmalone 's heart.

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One thing led to another and the next thing we knew, he ordered everything off the menu from the legendary Pink’s Hot Dogs. It was certainly an experience that we find hard to put into words, but one that we couldn’t have enjoyed more.

You can never expect what you might encounter when you have to work with some of Hollywood’s finest. However, it was a great time getting to meet and work with Post Malone. He is a valued customer and is literally one of the coolest dudes ever. We hope to continue working with him and it was a complete pleasure to produce a custom gold set of Grillz that he was really excited about. This is why we love what we do. Looking forward to the next one Post!

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