5 Celebrities That Should Have Never Worn Grillz

Let’s be real, not everyone can rock grillz like A$AP Rocky. Certain celebrities just have the right aesthetic for those classic gold and silver grillz that we constantly see in fashion magazines, generally it’s effortless and it just works. Grillz can give your outfit that added flair to make you stand out among the crowd, unfortunately they can also make you look like someone who has never interacted with humans before. Before you go running to buy yourself your own pair of custom grills, be weary, it doesn’t always work.  These are 5 celebrities who should have left their grillz at home.  

5.) Lady Gaga

Can these even be classified as grillz? Listen, Gaga probably got this mouth piece to make a statement about capitalism or PETA, but regardless of her intent, it will still go down as one of her strangest outfit choices to date. 

4.) Flavor Flav

While it’s not a huge surprise that the same guy who enjoys wearing a clock the size of Big Ben around his neck wouldn't wouldn’t have the best choice in gold grillz, we expected better from Flavor Flav. Definitely let down the hip hop and grillz community with this one. 

3.) Harry Styles

Harry Styles usually kills it when it comes to fashion and accessories, unfortunately Harry slipped up on this one. Sorry fangirls, looks like Harry can't pull off everything. 

2.) Madonna

I’d rather just not talk about this one.

1.) Katy Perry

We’ve always had mad love for Katy Perry, i’ll never forget where I was the first time I heard Teenage Dream, (in my room and alone) but she should have left her custom grillz at home.  

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