100% custom Grillz

How It Works

As simple as 1,2,3

1. Select Your Grill

Pick out the set of grillz you would like to order. Then, put your grill in the Shopping Cart and click the Checkout button. Follow the check out instructions.

2. Send Your Impression

We need an impression of your teeth. Usually mold kits cost hundreds of dollars at your local dentist. Luckily here at Grillz.com it will only cost a couple bucks. You can buy an additional Mold Kit with credit card or money order for only $39. After purchasing your grill, you will be sent a mold kit. Follow the directions inside the kit.

Send us your Mold Kit in the postage we provide you and we’ll make your new grill. We only use real gold, silver, platinum and diamonds.

3. Receive Your Grill

Set the clock. In 3 weeks or less, your custom Grill will arrive. Don’t hesitate to pop ‘em in and get that front facing camera poppin'. Be sure to tag us in your posts!